Vickers Hydraulic Pumps

Our experienced team can help determine a pump that will be best suited to your application, even if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic pump you need. We’re always up for a challenge and can usually work miracles with seemingly obsolete hydraulic pumps too!

It was a ‘Vickers Tuesday’ for us, with 5 Vickers hydraulic pumps shipping to 4 different customers!

A customer who produces, stores and markets agricultural products, needed a replacement Vickers 3520V vane pump, whilst another seperate customer required two Vickers 3525V vane pump to be used on a vessel.

Features of the 3520V and 3525V vane pump include a:

  • Pressure-balanced, modular design to reduce noise, extend life and improve serviceability;
  • Wide range of available displacements to allow a broader range of applications;
  • Reliable and versatile;
  • Used for plastic injection moulding, material handling, power units and other industrial applications.

Another customer required a Vickers PVB 20 LS piston pump for use on a production line facility.

Features of the PVB 20 LS piston pump include a:

  • Compact design to save space in system design;
  • Wide range of displacements (including displacements from 10 to 94cc) to increase flexibility for possible applications;
  • Operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi).

A final customer from UK, who is a hydraulic pumps distributor urgently needed a PVH 131.

 of the PVH series pump comprise a:

  • Full range of controls and multiple shaft and mounting options to increase flexibility (including torque-limiting capabilities);
  • Durable construction to promote maximum operational reliability.
  • Displacements ranging between 57 to 141cc.
  • Operating pressures up to 250 bar (3,635 psi).

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