Taicin Variable Displacement Vane Pump

A well-established customer who specialises in hydraulic machining, repair and design work, needed a variable displacement vane pump to replace an equivalent pump manufactured by Hystar, a company that no longer exists. Our technical team suggested a direct equivalent to the original pump, made by a well-established hydraulics manufacturer, Taicin.

Features of the Taicin variable displacement vane pump range (pictured) include:

  • A maximum speed of 1800 rpm and a minimum speed of 800 rpm;
  • A maximum pressure of 70 bar;
  • A high efficiency and low noise level;
  • Easy operation.

The Taicin piston pump range offers include:

  • A maximum speed of 2000 rpm and a minimum speed of 500 rpm;
  • A maximum setting pressure of 210 bar;
  • A pressure adjusting range of between 40 and 210 rpm;
  • A high efficiency, extremely low noise and durable.

For further information or technical advice and quotations on a variable displacement vane pump or its equivalent, contact the team on: 0845 644 3640, via: sales@hydraulicsonline.co.uk or complete our stock enquiry form.


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