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Bucher PumpsBucher began producing hydraulic pumps back in 1952, and today they are recognised as an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

Bucher PumpsThe range of Bucher pumps includes:

  • Bucher AP external gear pumps
  • Bucher AP series external gear pumps: APR05, AP100, APR 212, AP300
  • Bucher QX2 series internal gear pumps: QX2, QX21-010R, QX21-012R, QX21-016R,   QX22-005R, QX22-006R, QX22-008R, QX23-005R, QX23-006R, QX23-008R
  • Bucher QX3 series internal gear pumps: QX3, QX31, QX31-020R, QX31-025R, QX31-032R, QX32-010R, QX32-012R, QX32-016R, QX33-010R, QX33-012R, QX33-016R
  • Bucher QX4 series internal gear pumps: QX41-040R, QX41-050R, QX41-063R,  QX42-020R, QX42-025R, QX42-032R, QX43-020R, QX43-025R, QX43-032R
  • Bucher QX5 series internal gear pumps: QX51-080R, QX51-100R, QX51-125R, QX52-040R, QX52-050R, QX52-063R, QX53-040R, QX53-050R, QX53-063R
  • Bucher QX6 series internal gear pumps: QX61-160R, QX61-200R, QX61-250R, QX62-080R, QX62-100R, QX62-125R, QX63-080R, QX63-100R, QX63-125R
  • Bucher QX8 series internal gear pumps: QX81-315R, QX81-400R, QX81-500R, QX82-160R, QX82-200R, QX82-250R, QX83-160R, QX83-200R, QX83-250R
  • Bucher tandem and multiple pump
  • Bucher triple pump
  • Bucher QXV internal gear pump
  • Bucher QXP internal gear metering pump
  • Bucher QXM internal gear unit

Bucher PumpsDon’t worry if you’re not sure on exactly what sort of hydraulic pump you need; one of our experienced engineers can work with you to determine whether or not a Bucher pump is actually the best hydraulic pump to meet your application.

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