Barnes Haldex Pumps


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“I appreciate the great service you have provided; you informed me of my options and found the exact parts I needed and did so lightning fast. I look forward in supporting our machine with your company’s products when needed in the future.”

The range of Barnes Haldex pumps comprises: 1303431, 1303432, 1303433, 1303434, 1303435, 1303436, 1303437, 1303438, 1303439, 1303440, 1303441, 1303442, 1303443, 1303444, 1303578, 1303579, 1303580, 1303582, 1303623, P1-13MD6, P1-17MD6, P1-22MD6, P1-30MD6, P1-4MD6, P1-9MD6,  PR1-13MD6,  PR1-17MD6 and  PR1-22MD6 gear pumps

Don’t worry if you’re not sure on exactly what sort of hydraulic pump you need; one of our experienced engineers can work with you to determine whether or not a Barnes Haldex pump is actually the best hydraulic pump to suit your application.

For more information or quotations on Barnes Haldex pumps or for Barnes Haldex pump repairs you can contact the team on: 0845 644 3640, via: or complete our stock enquiry form.

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